Artist Statement

Painting is a language I use to connect with others. The glimmer of light I begin with in every painting is the “icebreaker” that draws viewers into the conversation. I use my surroundings and personal photos of places I’ve travelled to as inspiration for my compositions. Each place is significant because of its story—my childhood neighborhood, an epic family vacation out west, a quiet beach getaway. Places that speak to me are places that resound with others because of shared experiences.

Light is the heart of every painting.

The first marks I make on the surface of a painting are the points of light and the lines emanating from them. As I shift my process from the distillation of an image—lines and shapes on a plane— to intuitive color mixing and mark making, I use brushes, palette knives, towels, and even my fingers to manipulate the surface. My interpretation of the emotion I felt in the place where I first found myself or where I took the photo is a dreamlike scene, sometimes ethereal, sometimes dramatic, but always imbued with a sense of awe. These paintings “speak” of joy that invites viewers to respond.